A Perfect Storm

In my previous post I touched on the birth of creativity.  Today, I would like to expound a little more on how "ideas" of what to paint happen for me.  Granted, this may not be the case every time, nor the case for everyone. But for the most part its how a painting is "birthed" out of my creative juices.

Recently a fellow artist, Kirsty Hall, posted on her blog that she hates hearing "you should only work (be creative) when inspired"...she calls that "rubbish".  I have to admit I have been one of those that has said I can't or even I shouldn't paint unless I'm inspired.  But this past year, there have been some major discoveries in my artistic life and therefore some major changes in how art is approached now.  Taking classes with WYANNE will do that to a person!

What I have learned is to just go for it...get slap happy and start slinging some paint...especially when you have no preconceived idea of where you are heading!  Last week, I knew I wanted to start something new, however other than a few commissions in the works, I really didn't have an idea of what the "something new" would be.  In the past, I may have waited for an inspiration to cross my path, but now, I just...BEGIN!

First 5 Stages

Even after 5 layers of texture compound and paints I still was clueless as to where this painting was heading.  The picture progression above shows how I kept adding a layer of compound then a layer of paint, then another layer of compound.  I finally stopped for the night after the fifth picture...as I was beginning to feel frustrated with the process..and especially at my "teen-aged" stage of my painting!  Never keep painting when you get to this point....take a break, take a nap, whatever you need to do to completely move away from the painting and allow the natural ebb and flow of creativity to happen. It's perfectly...natural!

After a good nights rest I returned to my studio and the moment I first laid eyes on my painting I both saw and felt it... Atmospheric pressure was beginning to build and I could see a hurricane beginning to develop out of the chaos on my canvas. 

Growing up in Houston, Texas, I have watched dozens of hurricanes inch their way across the gulf.  The mystery, the fear, the excitement of having an massive uncontrollable storm heading your way, to me, is beyond words.  Capturing the beauty and the fury of storms through the eyes of radar has always fascinated me.

So much to my delight...and little did I know...in all the layers of not knowing where I was heading... A Perfect Storm was brewing...

Hurricane Petah
Acrylic Mixed Media
Prof Museum Panel
18" x 24" x 2" cradle


  1. WOWOWOWOW! All I can say is your new painting has the same power and awed beauty that real hurricanes do! It is glorious in it's color and movement and is stirring to my very core! I love what you have created here! Hurricane Petah is a force to be reckoned with! ;0) I loved reading about your process, thoughts and evolution during this past year as well! Like a storm gaining in ferocity, strength and moving forward, ever forward, so has your painting journey! Exceptional work my friend! Simple divine! :0) Huge hugs xxx

  2. Beautiful! Love your Hurricane Petah! The creative process is trully amazing, loved reading about your experience; I too have been liberated by the concept that you can just start painting! Very cool, thanks :)

  3. I really enjoyed reading your recent post, Selah. It was very insightful and thought-provoking. I tried to leave a message yesterday but my computer would not cooperate for some strange reason. I love your new painting, and thought it was interesting that your post and mine were very similar in terms of topic. I had posted mine before I read yours, so I got a kick out of seeing what you wrote.

  4. I love it! lol sometimes I feel like a hurricane when I approach the canvas.. wild and without direction. I can definitely relate to "get slap happy and start slinging some paint"
    This is a beautiful piece!!