Solar Kiss
How are you coping with this Summer's Heat Wave??? With an average temperature of 104 outside...I've been staying close to the air conditioner...and painting with ice cream colors and thinking Cooool thoughts!
A little shift from my norm...but a welcomed and refreshing one.

The first painting below is called Connect / Disconnect.  I'll show you a couple of shots of the process which was over the course of several weeks!  I just couldn't decide what I was really doing with this painting...pretty much throughout the whole time... until I finally decided to add the texture...then I began to really see the painting in my mind emerge.  Funny how that happens!

The first series of 3 pics are me just putting paint to canvas and not really thinking about the outcome:
(I just casually typed that...but it's not always that easy to keep your mind out of your painting!)

Series 1 - Adding layers and layers of paint and texture. The white stripes are all texture medium.

 The next series shows the crazy metamorphosis that happens when you just allow yourself to play and experiment!  Not that it's not scary sometimes... (I know...double negative!) me it always is ...but I try to utilize this "fear" and capture the energy from it and use it to press past the fear.  If I don' literally can put my creativity out of commission and nothing gets accomplished, sometimes for weeks!  So use that fear of the Wyanne puts it, the "teenage stage" ...don't let it push you around...PUSH BACK!

Series 2 - Removing some of the texture to create orbs and adding more layers of paint and texture

The Final of  
12 x 24 x 1.5   Professional Gallery Wrap Canvas

My second painting, Peacock Love, is a prime example of heading in one direction and ending in a completely different place!  Much like Dorothy's house leaving Kansas and ending up in Munchkin Land in OZ!!!  All I can say on this one.... is WOW what a whirlwind I went through!!!  Although I liked "Kansas", it was just that...Kansas!  So I knew I needed to stir the pot a little...and boy did I!!!  I really got brave on this one...and seriously... I like OZ much better than Kansas! lol 

1st Stages of PEACOCK LOVE

Texture Close Up

The Final of 
12 x 24 x 1.5   Professional Gallery Wrap Canvas

So the moral of this crazy blog story is... 
When it's Hot Hot Hot outside...
Don't be afraid to 
Love Kansas but Embrace OZ!!!


  1. Thank you so very much for sharing your process!
    So inspiring!

  2. Your work is beautiful - Love the textures - Love the lines - Love everything about it ...

  3. Beautiful Selah! Love the colors, the process, wonderful!