The Power of Gratitude.

Today on Facebook I posted:
"I love it when I find a reoccurring theme showing up in the posts of my fb friends... I am presently writing my blog post about Gratitude and In one of my wakeful moments in the night I lay there thinking how grateful I am of the man next to me...and for the moments when he just hugs me for no reason...I'm grateful for that...and for my life...and yours ♥"
And it's true... I love it when I see the thread of life weave itself among those who seemingly have no connection, other than FaceBook.  Yes, some of us see other posts and it sparks a thought or a memory and so we respond within the same vein of thinking.  But then there are those times when you begin to see a pattern emerge among people who are not friends with each other, totally disconnected in the "real" world and even Facebook, other than being friends with me.  I saw that today...and the emerging theme was one that was already rising up in me to write about today....   Gratitude...
Several friends posted this beautiful short video on that very subject...very well worth the few minutes it took to absorb it.
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Have you ever begun to move in a certain direction, a direction that you're intentionally desiring to pursue and you have all this joy and excitement welling up inside? ...Only to notice that this same movement of thought is occurring at the same time in others.  Coincidental?  Some choose to think so...but I believe its...Intentional!  
So why today?  Why is Gratitude welling up in many of our hearts today?  Well, I can only speak for myself and how it directly relates to my own current circumstances. 
At the same time I'm experiencing this welling up of Gratitude, I'm also being bombarded with what feels like an avalanche of adversity and stress.  My first reaction to the adversities was to spit and fume and even shed a few tears...I wanted to blame someone.."How dare they make me feel this way when I want to be focusing on how grateful I am!"  LOL  Even to write this now makes me chuckle!  
Gratitude, does not have a Good side and a Bad side... it just is.  Gratitude means being grateful.  It doesn't mean only be grateful for the things in life that I perceive of being worthy of my gratefulness. Gratitude has no measure of good and just is.  
To live a life of must be willing to be grateful for all things.... for out of adversity comes wisdom, strength, patience, truth, and even Love...or should I say...especially Love...IF one allows oneself to acknowledge the blessing in the experience.  I say if because we do have a choice.
My gratitude is not in the fact that I'm experiencing adversity, but in the wisdom, in the strength, in the patience, in the truth and even the Love in which I will gain out of the experience.  That, my friends, is not always easy to see (or do), especially when we are in the throws of an emotional and painful experience.  But it's there for us to have. 
I could sit here and write several pages worth of words describing my adversities and we would most likely all agree they were worthy of my heartache and stress... But what good would it do any of us to focus on the rock in the road when all it will do is acknowledge the inconveniences of the rock....and even possibly cause another avalanche of more rocks!  
So instead, I desire for us to see that even though rocks can and most likely will appear along our travels in life...even with all our good is our choice to either focus on the inconvenience of the rock or acknowledge the opportunity it provides to be Grateful (especially before it ever gets removed!) and to live that life of Gratitude we all desire to live... being grateful of ALL our life experiences.  
The Power of Gratitude pulverizes boulders!
Then we can use the pebbles as sweet reminders of our Gratitude in adversity.
One of my first thoughts this morning before I even visited Facebook was to begin a Journal of Gratitude. I encourage you to do the same...especially if you, like me...have some pulverizing to do!
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  1. I am so grateful to know you! Love, Chaska

  2. I'm grateful that you wrote this blogpost today dear Selah, and I'm grateful for that beautiful heart of yours and to call you my friend! You are a treasure! Wishing you a life full of pebbles darlin' :0) Love you xxx