I thought today I would like to share a bit of eye candy from a few of my artsy friends! Since there is no way I could ever fit all my friends in this one post, I thought I would feature a few at a time throughout the year.
Above you'll find a gorgeous example of Argentina's Guadalupe Brizuela's amazing and beautiful mandala's, which I now proudly own thanks to her huge generosity!  I just love Guada...she has a heart of gold, which obviously she draws from when creating her artwork!  Her mandala's are captivating and full of luscious color and design, always drawing the observer in for a closer look! 
She shares her fascinating talents not only by way of offering her artworks for sale, but also by sharing her techniques through classes, including a FREE one to get you started! You can find those classes HERE and her Website, Guadalupe Brizuela

Mans Entanglement With Mother Nature
Artwork by: Julie (Julz) Kinsella
Julie or Julz as we all know her, is one of my fav digital artists. Julz makes her home in the Land of Down Under...Australia. Her often edgy, provocative works are always challenging and creative, full of life and purpose! They continually spark the viewer to search for and contemplate their meaning.  Julz doesn't just slap images together to make a pretty picture, although I find all her images strikingly beautiful, but she digs deep to bring awareness and representation of the world around us within her images.   
You will love getting to know The Julz, as I affectionately call her;  she has a fabulous personality and a passion for exposing the truth for the betterment of mankind...which is readily revealed within her fantastic artwork!  You can find all kinds of goodies and interesting things on her Blog too...Be sure to visit and tell her Selah sent you!   Gems By Julz.

Artwork by: Denise Phillips
Ahhhh!  And we end todays feature with another one of my sweet friends, Denise Phillips of Birdnuts Mixed Media, out of British Columbia, Canada!  I absolutely adore Denise's sense of whimsy in all of her mixed media artworks!  This past Christmas Denise incorporated "Bubby", one of her "pet deer", (shown above) in one of the greatest pieces ever!  Read as she explains in detail about her appreciation of the delicate hooves of the deer: 
"If you've ever taken the time to study deer, their long beautiful legs being supported by very small hooves, they have a delicate dance feel about them when they walk.  I've always been moved by watching them." 
As you can see Denise has a very special love and appreciation for creation ... which inspires her in so many ways! (if you ever have a chance to chat with her you will quickly learn of the living menagerie that lives under her roof!) I, for one, am so happy she includes her love of animals so often in her works of art!  She creates and gives from her heart...always!  Be sure to visit her blog Birdnuts Mixed Media for more of her artwork and tons of fabulous giveaways!     Speaking of which I recently won a fabulous mixed media broach that Denise made... you can see proudly worn in the pic below! Thanks Denise, I Love It!!!

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know some of my fabulous and very world wide plethora of artsy friends! I know I sure have!  Be sure to come back as I'll be featuring more friends soon!  I am soo very blessed to have them all in my life.  To not only inspire me, but to make me laugh, think and learn...and to remember to be the same...for someone else!  Thank you girls!   


  1. Lovely post to bring awareness to some fabulous artists Selah! Wonderful getting to meet and view work I might not have otherwise had the pleasure to see! Artists are the best and you have showcased these so beautifully! Lovely work by all :0) Thank you for sharing them Selah girl! Love and hugs <3 x

  2. :-} thanks for sharing some new to me artists.