After a whole year of planning and preparations it finally happened!  PAINT MOJO TEXAS!!!

Oct 2011, Tracy Verdugo, an international artist friend who lives in Australia, announced she was heading to the US and would be available for workshops if anyone wanted to host one.  Well I nearly jumped through my computer!  I couldn't message her fast enough to let her know, I'm interested.  Without allowing to much thought, (because I knew I could quickly chicken out), I made a commitment to Tracy to host a workshop for her in October 2012.  Scared and excited, I embarked on a journey I've never made, one I'll never regret making and one I'll never forget!  

I've always had a desire to host women's retreats after hosting one and attending many in my lifetime.  I love the fellowship a weekend long retreat offers...the intimacy...the heart to heart talks...the laughter of women letting the cares of home-life sit on the back burner (not off the stove, of course) for once in a great while....allowing them freedom to just BE...for a little bit of time... I LOVE that for myself..but having an opportunity to offer that to someone else is even more euphoric to me.
Where the Magic Happened
Photo by: Rachel Payne

Paint Mojo Texas did not disappoint.  It offered all those things and more. We gathered at Lotus Ranch, located in Wimberley, Texas...The Heart of the Texas Hill Country. A fabulous location, perfectly suited for an art retreat!  Tracy, was such a gracious and talented teacher/friend to all of us... She opened herself up to any and all of us equally as one.  She is one of the most comfortable people I've ever met...sorta like your favorite sweater or blankie!  If you ever have an opportunity to sit under her teaching, you will know what I mean.  Firstly...Tracy makes sure you are comfortable and that you understand... she is only there to guide...not judge whether you are doing "it" right or wrongly.  There is no wrong... only "Happy Accidents"!  Perfection... out the door!

Tracy was on the floor...a Lot! 

Along with making a whole heart-full of new friends with like minds, my weekend was a flurry of activity and smiles.  My heart was so full of Joy the whole time watching as everyone played, painted, huddled, encouraged and shared.  It was difficult for me to pay attention during the actual workshops as I and my hubby, Dan, were the ones responsible for all the meals.  So I was somewhat in a constant state of "what's next" so it was a bit hard for me to relax and just enjoy the process of painting.  Knowing this and recognizing it for what it was is just one of the many things I learned in hosting my first art retreat.  

Next time there will be some changes on my part.  I learned that even though I CAN do it all myself... it's really not the wisest way to go.   Even was all a delight and everyone who attended helped pick up the slack and made Dan and my life a whole lot easier! Thank You Girls!

Tracy's Workshop, the friendships made and renewed, the FOOD...oh and can't forget the Lotus Pond and The HOT TUB... were some of the most memorable moments that will be seared in my heart for a lifetime!

I wish Tracy the best as her whirlwind tour of the U.S. was just the beginning...Next... The World!!!  Be sure to visit Tracy's website to find out where she will be next... Art Of Tracy Verdugo 

Enough of me rambling... Hope you enjoy the pics!  ( Thank you to all the girls who shared their pics with me)

Until Next Time....

Merry Christmas
Happy Creative New Year!!!

~ Selah ~


  1. Just reading this makes me want to be back in Lotus Ranch with y'all right now! Thank you Selah for reaching out and for going beyond my wildest expectations. I'll be your blankie any day! Much love from your Aussie amiga xoxox

  2. Love this post, Selah! The retreat you created was so very special. I feel blessed to have been part of it and to have connected with so many lovely women. My husband gave it to me as a birthday present in April. I have no doubt it was one of the best birthday presents he will ever give me. Thank you for your attention to detail, your vision, and your caring heart. Keep listening...Selah!

    Your Mojo SeaStar,