Innovation Playground

Playground at the Nashville Zoo

I start this post off with one of the most innovative music videos I've seen in a long time. It just makes me Happy!

Not only is Oren Lavie's voice mesmerizing to me, the stop action photography is so well done... telling a story all on it's own.  I know... it was produced over 3 years ago... but...I missed it!   I'm so glad a friend shared it today on Facebook, (Thank You Jill Badonsky!) as I may have really missed getting to enjoy a great and inspiring piece of art!

Where does such creative innovation come from?  Trillions of artists have asked this question and I imagine the answers are just as many!  But truly, when you narrow down all the answers you could possibly hear, it all boils down to being open to allow the thought to flow out!

Creative block, you say?  Only a thought.  And only a thought will get you past it.  Don't stress out thinking "I've been trying and trying...but still no creative thoughts!"  Stop stressing.  Stop trying.  Just allow the space for them to show up on their own... like a quiet playground in the wee hours of the morning... waiting for the children to show up.  Sort of like... Build it and they will come!  Smile... and know they are coming...

I'm choosing to be open today.. to allow the innovative creative thoughts to have a playground to play in.  Even if I don't have time to do them yet... I will allow them to flow and play....spin around a bit... and fall where they may.

Hope you'll do the same...

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