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TRUST... what is it to you?  To me... Trust is letting go and allowing. With Trust there is always an element of risk. With Risk there is a possibility of many, including myself, choose to take the safe route, avoiding risk, in hopes of also avoiding failure.  

In the art world the "safe route" could mean you follow the instructions, the rules of design, the order of color placement, or even the opinions of others.  Taking a Risk outside of this "safe route" means you will have to TRUST something within yourself.  Not easy if you fear failing.

Was that just a confession?  You bet it was!  Although I have always been a risk taker, its not been without the huge fear of failing....and many times... I did fail.  So trusting in myself to take another risk always requires a measure of self encouragement and faith and letting go of control.  This place where my mind has to consciously make a decision to allow whatever comes my way, to trust my instincts, to allow each moment to reveal the next moment is both exhilarating and frightening... but its also so fleeting like the glimmer of aqua that shines through the crest of a wave as it's about to crash to earth. 

TRUST is what I experienced this last weekend at Paint Mojo Austin.  Tracy Verdugo offers parameters during her workshops...but then encourages her students to do what they "feel"... to TRUST what they feel... then try it!

Tracy Verdugo teaching Paint Mojo Austin 2013

Past experience of failure (what is failure anyway?) can sure play a number on your trust factor to move forward.  Last year when I hosted Tracy's workshop I struggled with the whole process of allowing... ending with an unfinished, inconclusive painting and a feeling that I had missed the Mojo.  (I must say here that I was also exhausted due to hosting the 3 day I cannot totally blame my lack of Mojo on my lack of trusting or Tracy's lack of guidance!) But I did stop mid stream as fear gripped my gut and I felt if I continued it would be even more frustrating.

This year I came refreshed to the workshop and ready to let go.  I have to admit when I got to this point in my painting I really wasn't sure this was going to work...again... but I took a deep breath, snapped a picture and leaned in on TRUST.

Adding layers and layers of colors and shapes I cannot tell you how many times I had to stop... walk away ...breathe...and TRUST.  

I'm so grateful that I trusted, again and again, as I when it finally came to the point where I needed to find something in my painting to bring out... I was ready to see it.  It took taking a snapshop and looking at it through a different lense to see them...but once I looked, and trusted I would see, I immediately saw... the fish!

This joy, this excitement, boosted my Trust which eradicated my fears!  Once I saw them, I couldn't wait to release them from behind the blanket of colors... like turning the lens of a camera to sharpen the was all becoming so clear!  

Although I still didn't complete my painting during Tracy's workshop, this year I walked away confident, encouraged, and full of TRUST....and definitely experienced Paint Mojo!  


This week, as I continue to play with it, allowing each stroke to reveal the next, risk and the fear of failing releases its grip as trust and faith rises up and moves me forward.
Thank you Tracy!

For more information about Tracy Verdugo and her Paint Mojo workshops and upcoming book, Paint Mojo, check out her website here:  ART OF TRACY VERDUGO


  1. We are designed to trust if we step out of our own way. Your trust paid off. Your painting is beautiful. I'm so glad you enjoyed the process! Love and hugs xo <3

    1. Thank you Miss C! You're always so good to me! <3 xo